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Writing for the Web for Journalists

How-To Guides and Tip Sheets

» Tips for writing for the web
From Mindy McAdams, author of the blog, Teaching Online Journalism

» Seven steps to writing like a digital native
Bill Dunphy, a Canadian multimedia trainer's list of seven things reporters should ask themselves before posting a story to the web

» How to write for the web
A short list of good rules for writing text for online readers from the Knight Digital Media Center

» Not all information needs to be crafted into a story
A provocative blog posting urging reporters to see themselves as storytellers, rather than just writers

» I'm not a storyteller; I'm an information provider
Another provocative blog posts that urges reporters not to see themselves as storytellers with every story

On writing headlines

» How to write web headlines that appeal to news website readers
A useful blog posting from New Media Bytes

» How print and web headlines differ
A second useful blog post from New Media Byes

» How to write headlines that search engines will find more easily
Another useful blog post from New Media Bytes

» Write headlines for an intelligent friend
General advice about writing headlines for newspapers from the Toronto Star's Sharon Burnside

» BBC News
For examples of consistently strong, clear, tight headlines


On writing well

» George Orwell's five rules for effective writing
Simple summary of his top five rules, but inlcudes a link to a full version of his famous essay "Politics and the English Language"

The Elements of Style, 1918. See Item 13, "Omit needless words."
The classic and still relevant source for advice about good writing

On writing well for the web

» Writing style for print vs. web
Clear, brief, well-organized advice about the difference between writing for print and writing for the web from Jakob Neilsen, web useability guru

» Online storytelling forms
An article about a variety of online storytelling forms by Jonahtan Dube, who was Editor of until he moved to in 2008.

» CNN leading the pack in ....newswriting
A blog posting about how CNN seems to understand online readers better than most newspapers, because of the way it displays stories online

On understanding the behavours of online readers

» Web Users getting more ruthless
A BBC news story about new findings about the way people read online

» Eyetracking the News: A study of print and online reading
A link to the key findings section of a study by the Poynter Institute of Media Studies about how people read news online vs. print

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